About us

All Started In 2010

Nick Rattenni is the founder of Guilty Boxing Inc., a Las Vegas based establishment, which is a full-service boxing and production company. Mr. Nick Rattenni has been in the boxing business for over 20 years and is highly regarded as one of the best boxing promoters in the fight game today.

Puneet Dureja, CEO of Guilty Boxing, Inc. and Senior Partner has over 25 years experience as a major distributor of movies and television program to the worldwide market. Mr. Dureja’s vast experience also includes working with the worldwide media and advertising companies.

Nick Rattenni, Founder of Guilty Boxing Inc.

Together, they provide Guilty Boxing Inc. with a unique combination of boxing promotion, production, and sales and marketing that has resulted in bringing real interest and competition back to boxing – The Guilty Boxing Global Challenge.
A program that will be watched by more people around the world than any other sporting event.
Guilty Boxing considers it as its duty to promote deserving boxers all over the world and its future plans include providing world class training to upcoming talent and provide them a global platform and compete with renowned boxers.
Mr Nick Rattenni and Mr Puneet Dureja with their exemplary vision and expertise have formed a formidable team to popularise this sport in every part of the world.