Guilty Boxing Program

The following 10 countries were chosen in order to not only maximize the revenue potential, but also to take advantage of the natural competitive spirit that many of these countries have for one another. It is important to note that these 10 countries also represent over 50% of the world population. The world population is estimated to be 7.1 Billion, while the population of these 10 countries add up to 3.6 Billion. Our USA Broadcast partner is the CBS SportsNetwork for the 12 month program .


1408904042_United-States-of-AmericaUSA USA 1408904053_Japan JAPAN 1408904188_China CHINA
1408904250_India INDIA 1408904256_Russia RUSSIA 1408904700_Mexico MEXICO
1408904748_Pakistan PAKISTAN 1408904794_Australia AUSTRALIA 1408904985_Germany GERMANY
1408904878_United-KingdomGreat-Britain UK



The following weight classifications were selected because we feel that they would represent the best action from the majority of the countries (specially the Asian countries) that were invited to participate.

 140 lbs.  Junior Welterweight
 147 lbs.  Welterweight
 154 lbs.  Junior Middleweight
 160 lbs.  Middleweight
 168 lbs.  Super Middleweight
 Other Weight Classifications also considered


Other Weight Classifications also considered



We propose to have the 5 matches (10 countries) on each card televised live on a once-a-month basis for 12 months. This is a new concept for the sport of Boxing which promises to include plenty of action by boxers who not only represent themselves in fighting for the championship, but also are fighting for their countries. The countries with the most victories (points) over the 12 month period will also be celebrated in a special presentation.


This concept was specifically chosen in order to increase the amount of boxing action into each round, and by definition into each match.

1) Each match will be for 5 rounds

2) Between 2 male combatants

3) Each round will be 3 minutes long

4) Fighters will utilize traditional boxing gloves

5) Possibly fight in a smaller ring

6) Winning boxers will fight in 4 matches (the first match, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Championship Match.

7) Guided by rules and regulations as established by the Boxing / Athletic Commission(s) in the State(s) in which the Cards take place.

8) We are looking for the best possible boxers who are “aggressive” and prepared to fight as hard as possible in each round.